Wine Blending

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Wine blending is a great activity as a pre-cursor to lunch or dinner, or simply as an event on its own.  Get insight into how wine is made and what goes into the blending process.  Specifically to create award winning wine blends.  Have fun whilst experimenting with the different flavors that result from even the tiniest variation of your recipe.  Finally, settle on your favorite blend and present that to the winemaker.

Why blend wine?

It makes the wines more complex blending the two components.  Moreover, blending wine gives the winemaker more control of certain aspects.  Alongside grape variety, several factors influence blending decisions, including:

  • Vineyard age
  • Climate and soil type
  • Picking date
  • Time spent in oak, and the type of oak

Winemakers use blending to marry these elements depending on what they want.  More..

Professional winemakers are the first to admit that few stand-alone wines have all the characteristics of a perfect finished wine. Blending lets them pick the finest characteristics of two, three, or even more wines, and marry them together for that award-winning flavor. This is a centuries-old technique that should and can be practiced by the most novice of home winemakers.

As our pros indicate, there is no trick to the process. Instead, it’s all about running tests, comparing flavors, and finding the perfect ratio before you commit to the final blend. Your ultimate goal is to create something that suits your personal tastes while creating the best final product in the end. Here are some tips on reaching that goal.

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