Survivor Extreme

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You may be serious about testing the limits of your team and want to expose them to a survivor extreme experience.  There are times that managers need to push their team to the edge of their limits, but what is their limit???  We offer the real thing in our “make or break” programs.

We will require an intensive brief on the team.  In addition we must know the desired outcomes and the relationships within the team.  Only then will we tailor the degree of “hard-core” that the team will be put through on their survivor extreme experience.  This is best done with small senior to executive groups and is not for the faint-hearted.   As a consequence, don’t enquire if you don’t want to deal with the fall out.

This bonds a team like never before, but it is harsh and will test individual limits.  It highlights the leaders in the team as well as the breaking points of individuals.  You will discover who you would want to be with in the desert with only one liter of water left!

This is not a low budget activity, due to the nature of the logistics behind it all.  Emphasis is on safety and covering all bases when out on the event.

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