Rocking The Fynbos

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Rocking the Fynbos is an innovative activity for a team build or for an incentive group.  Unleash your wild side!  The fun unfolds as our music experts help you along in your “new found” group.  Add air guitars to the array of disguises and you become the  “Rock Star”.  Sing along, with the option of supplementing the instruments with the popular djembe drums in addition to other instruments.

For example, the program can include popular pre-rock songs, rock & roll, American and British Rock Invasion.  Not only great guitarists like Santana and Dire Straits but also some of the more modern rock.  In truth, as wild as your group is, is as wild as your rock concert will be.  In particular, this is a brilliant motivational activity and great for a year end function. Get involved – be a rock star!

Your budget speaks to what level of Rocking the Fynbos (RTF) you would select.

RTF Gold

The gold option is suitable for group of 30 to 50 people.  Small size stage, limited costume accessories, basic sound equipment, DJ, facilitation.

RTF Platinum

The platinum version is suitable for group of 50 to 100 people.  Medium size stage, wardrobe accessories, tailored audio visual to suit occasion, DJ, facilitation.

RTF Diamond

The diamond extravaganza is suitable for group of 100 + people.  Full festival size stage with accompanying audio visual, wardrobe accessory department, choreographer, videographer, photographer and full facilitation precision timed.

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