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Orienteering is an activity in which you have to find your way to somewhere on foot as quickly as possible by using a map and a compass. If your team seems to have lost motivation or has lost its way, use this activity as a metaphor for them finding direction.  Each team plots their course through challenging landscape in search of their goal. This activity allows for a high degree of transfer of learning to the workplace.

With the onset of modern technology, you can also select to use a GPS for your orienteering activity.   Set about plotting your route, finding the key to the next checkpoint.   Keep a tight reign on time and distance as you follow the quest to qualify as the most efficient team.   It is a fun activity highlighting teamwork.

Combine this fun, outdoor activity with your next conference or team building getaway at Kunguru Lodge in Elgin Valley.  There are very suitable areas for short hikes and orienteering activities.

Orienteering offers many benefits, but the real attraction is fun!  It is enjoyable to walk and run through forests and fields.  The ultimate quest for the orienteer is to find the balance between mental and physical exertion.  Rather, to know how fast you can go, still be able to interpret the terrain around you and execute your route choice successfully.

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