Minute to Win It

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Join in an outrageous Minute to Win It session at your next team building event.  You scream with laughter at some of the antics your team mates get up to in order to beat the clock.  Meanwhile the rest of the team is discussing strategy for the next challenge!  In the background the facilitators set up for the fresh rounds, until all the chances have been exhausted.  The challenges roll out, one after the other.  You know it is quite nerve wracking, not only trying to keep your hand steady but also competing for time.   Each person has a turn to score points for their team.  Work your strategy out according to the strengths of your players, specifically to retain the advantage.

We have Minute to Win It activities suitable for both indoors and outdoors.  When playing indoors, a screen and data projector is required to show the blueprints of each game.  The pressure builds as the countdown begins.  The volume of spectators shouting is deafening.  In truth, you cannot believe that 60 seconds passes so quickly.  These activities are lively and thoroughly enjoyable, building the vibe amongst your team.  They are great as a precursor to a social evening ahead, acting as an effective icebreaker.  Alternatively, after a stressful and heavy morning of conferencing, these games serve to release the pent up emotions, getting the laughter rolling.

One of the most popular venues in Cape Town for team building is the Kunguru Lodge.  We have ample space and facilities for team building activities, both indoors and out.  We do, of course, operate throughout the country and there are many other preferred venues that we can suggest for these events.

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