Minstrels Unplugged

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The Minstrels Unplugged is a shorter version of the Cape Minstrel Carnival and suitable for year end function ideas.  Get your team to take on the part of a Cape Minstrel group.  Don the colorful jackets, glitz up your boater hats, grab your instruments and practice the minstrel vibes.  The moves, the music, the costume and the make-up, all go a long way to scoring your team points as one team tries to out-do the other.  After each performance, enjoy a mass minstrel march to one of your favorite minstrel songs.

Each team has to come away with sufficient merchandise to be able to clothe and accessorize their team.  In addition, teams must personalize and decorate their hats, get face paint make-up to fit the part and most importantly, enough music instruments. They learn just how the “minstrels” turn on that amazing sound when marching through the streets of Cape Town.  Finally, the show is on.  With all this intact, their group creates an award winning performance!

The Minstrels Unplugged Carnival march

Individual group performances precede the main march.  Next, the groups walk along playing their instruments and creating a glorious spectacle in an activity that they will not easily forget.

In truth, it’s authentic, it is TRUE Western Cape, it’s dynamic and it’s fun.  Certainly a real winner. 

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