Low Challenge Course

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A low challenge course with ropes, cables, tyres and different elements provides a great platform for team building.  Most importantly we work on the trust, confidence, creativity and communication levels amongst the group.  A low challenge course is usually a group-orientated set of challenges, on or close to ground level.  But, it does include individual challenges as well.  Such a course does not require any special safety system other than the diligent and careful spotting by group members.

We put teams through this obstacle course with brilliant results.  Above all, it is a huge personal achievement to make it through these obstacles.  Moreover, when working with your team, offering support to your colleagues and achieving the goal at the end, is truly satisfying.  The obstacle course is at Kunguru Lodge in Elgin Valley.  It’s great practice for the fun events like Tough Mudder.

The participants climb over, crawl under, balance, hang, jump, in typical course obstacles.  Designers use puddles of muddy water, ropes/nets, and “no touch” restrictions to make the course more difficult.  Typically the military familiarizes recruits with the kind of tactical movement they will use in combat, as well as for physical training, building teamwork and evaluating problem solving skills. Elements may include the Spiders Web, Berlin Wall, Shuffle Pole, Giant’s Finger, The Vine, The Apex, Fidget Ladder, Cable traverse and Cargo Net plus more.

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