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Karaoke is one of the best activities to partake in when out with your group. Everyone seems to enjoy the singing, even when you really can’t sing.  Do you fancy yourself as a pop idol?  Release that inner superstar and prove your talent. Sing along on this popular evening activity.

Stage fright is a big obstacle for a lot of people, but almost everyone will be called on to present at some point in their career.  Moreover if they work in advertising or marketing.  Karaoke can help build the confidence to stand up in front of people, making you less vulnerable in the real world.  And it’s not just the singing.  Holding a mic is automatically empowering and conducive to bantering and improvisation.  Inhibitions are thrown out as the evening progresses.  Once you have heard what the others are doing, you are sure you can do better, so take the mic and PERFORM!  Give it your all and show us what you’ve got!

Karaoke is possible at many team building venues in Cape Town.  It is also one of the fun ideas for year end functions.  At Kunguru Lodge you have a blast, with few noise restrictions, the Wildcats Pub setting the scene and loads of dress-up accessories to help you play the part!

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