Giant Human Foosball

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Giant human foosball is a soccer match, but the difference is that you are all tied up!!   It is a fun sport, very suitable for bachelor parties, corporate family fun days, building teamwork or just for a bunch of friends.  Try this out, pitting teams of 11 or less against each other, on our giant human foosball inflatable pitch.  Your movements are limited, as you are linked into the line.   You can only reach that ball when it comes within range. Experience the frustration, the kicked shins and then glory of scoring the deciding goal.

These are the basic rules of human foosball.  Both hands on the bar at all times.  Have a great time. Respect each other.  You slide side to side in one movement, pause, change direction and pass to your teammates, all while keeping your hands on the bar in front of you.  The objective is to score as many goals as possible in the allotted time!   However, the strategy is up to you!  You have the freedom to choose how you distribute your team across the different positions.  Nevertheless, you have to stick to the number one rule: hands on the bar at all times!

There are many great team building venues in Cape Town, one of which is our Kunguru Lodge in Elgin Valley.


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