Fragrance Workshop

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Join in on our fragrance workshop.  Above all, take the opportunity to work with a professional quantum physicist.  Someone who is a specialist in creating top quality fragrances.  Firstly, fragrances for men and women are a personal choice and secondly, many times too expensive for most.   Produce your own fragrance as well as body cream in a two or three hour session.  Eventually, you walk away with a bottle of your favorite personalized fragrance plus a tub of perfumed body cream.  In addition, this fragrance workshop is one for the ladies and gentlemen!

Smell evokes long-term memory retention and association with people, places and experiences.   It is considered to be one of the most powerful senses and deemed to affect 75% of our daily emotions.  The scent receptors in noses, directly connect to the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion.  Perfume workshops are especially ideal for team building.   Furthermore, research has proved that people who work in scented areas have demonstrated a higher self-efficiency level and are more likely to adopt efficient work strategies.
Select from three different packages.  This interesting activity is offered at a very affordable price.  It is ideal for team-building, women’s day, bachelorette or birthday parties, corporate year-end functions, fundraisers.

Gold Package

  • Valued at R520 it includes a 2-hour Gold Perfume Workshop
  • The Gold Package is suitable for men and women, individual and groups of up to 12 people
  • Complimentary hot drinks
  • Your created Bottle of 10ml Concentrated Perfume Oil and a Perfumed Body Cream for you to take home

Platinum Package

  • Valued at R650 it includes a 3-hour Signature Scent Workshop
  • Complimentary hot drinks
  • Your created Bottle of 20ml Concentrated Perfume Oil and a Perfumed Body Cream for you to take home

Diamond Package

Step into our fragrant world and discover what scent suits you

  • Valued at R750 it includes a 3-hour Prestigious Diamond Scent Creation Workshop
  • Free champagne and hot drinks
  • A bottle of your 10ml Concentrated Perfume Oil plus your very own Signature 60ml Perfume as well as a Perfumed Body Cream will be yours to take home
  • Unique chance to create, bottle and enclose your very own eau de perfume
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