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Drumming and music unifies groups.   Learn the art of drumming and at the same time introduce some of the percussion instruments, thereby producing an amazing collective sound.  Interactive facilitated group drumming develops teamwork.  It requires cohesion within the group, besides creating an awesome vibe.   Our drumming sessions use the ancient West African drum, called a Djembe.

The team participates in a highly motivational music session, using a variety of African instruments.   The group creates sound for sheer enjoyment that makes the adrenalin flow.

Good conversations are hard to forget.  They are even more impactful when they are the kinds that have few words, using other parts of the soul to converse.  The djembe drum, used as a  form of communication, is a skin-covered hand instrument with a goblet shape structure.  If you’re at all familiar with the sound of the djembe rhythm, you’ll know that it is the kind of sound where each thud and thump resonates deep within.  It calls you closer to it, as if speaking to a part of your psyche that you never knew could speak back.

We start with very easy fun rhythms, gradually bring everybody together with the real thing.  It sounds like they have been playing for a lifetime. To rest the hands, this is then followed by a percussion session.  Whistles, kudu horns, rattles, chime bars and all sorts of fun instruments are played.

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