CSR Initiatives

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CSR initiatives help companies be socially accountable using a self-regulating business model.   You can have a CSR event, tailored to suit your company, where support of specific projects are requested.  These CSR initiatives are also very popular for year end function ideas.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Decorate recycled drums, plastic or metal, with the paints provided,  converting them into recycling bins for the selected recipients.  Using bright colours and your own designs these can liven up their otherwise dull environment.  Create colourful posters which will educate the youth about the three R’s of waste management: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Get right into it by digging into the earth and preparing suitable holes to plant-a-tree.  Offset your carbon footprint by sponsoring and planting trees to become carbon neutral.  At the same time you benefit the less privileged communities.  You get to visit the recipient’s property, where trees are needed and enrich the environment.

Help to plant tree and you will be helping to:  offset CO2 emissions; provide wildlife habitats; plant indigenous South African trees and enhance the natural landscape.   In the same way, we create a small nursery for the establishment.  This is another green project and they get to nurture and grow the plants.

Adopt-a-School Sport Tuition

First, you select a school for your Adopt A School Program.  Next it’s time to interact with the children of the local school.  Let the fun begin, as we combine you into mixed teams to learn the fun varieties of this non-contact sport.  It is suitable for all ages and genders.  We attempt in a small way, to get children off the streets.  By keeping them away from the ills they are confronted with on a daily basis,  they enjoy sport with other children.  Learners at the schools benefit, by virtue of the fact they are getting exercise and at the same time, having fun.  We find, due to the very nature of the game, it improves Learners’ eye-hand co-ordination.   Concentration levels also improve within the school environment.   Your company would be gifting the children with a full year of facilitated coaching in this tag sport.

Soup Kitchen Cook-off 

The soup kitchen cook-off is an activity where the participants get involved in preparing the soup from scratch under the guidance of our chef. Each group can put their own personal touch on the taste by selecting their ingredients from the “pantry”. The real enjoyment comes when they participate in the serving of their delicious soup to the some of the poorest communities in the area. This may well be their only hot meal of the day or indeed their only meal of the day. Interact in a safe environment and get the real pleasure that only giving from the heart can produce.

Santa’s Surprise Box Luncheon

The disadvantaged don’t have much to look forward to at Christmas time and you have the power to change that. Your event will comprise making up a surprise box each, which one lucky underprivileged person will receive as their Christmas gift. All we ask is that each person brings along one or two items of unwanted clothing, toys or anything that would be appreciated by someone less fortunate that you. We will then provide some really cool items for the Santa’s Surprise Box which you can make up, decorate and put in a message for the recipient. Once done, get into the relax mode and enjoy a delicious special Year-End feast to celebrate a successful year gone by.

Santa’s Day of Play

Make someone’s dream come true. There are many disadvantaged people who never get the chance to experience some of the most basic things in life and you have the opportunity to give them a day of fun and a fantastic meal. We will bring along a group of these youngsters to meet you at the Tri Active Lodge. Spend the morning with them doing some fun activities after which they will enjoy a scrummy Butchers Burger, Chips and juice. You bid them farewell after which you have time to relax and enjoy your lunch, chill at the pool, continue activities or wrap up your day.

You can get involved in the many, very worthwhile community and social responsible projects by including the CSR Initiatives.

TAG Rugby

Adopt a school for the TAG Rugby program – your support will enable them to get coaching for a year, focussing on keeping the children off the street, improving their hand-eye co-ordination and working together as a team.  Enjoy a game of non-contact tag with the local schoolchildren; we can even organise your year end fuction as a tag tournament with the school you adopt.

Container Conversion

This worthwhile project is a great program for large groups to tackle, either over a period of time, or as the completion for the ground work that we, as your events company, has already done on the container/s.

Food Tunnels

Assist an orphanage, a school or a local community by sponsoring one or more food tunnels enabling them to do subsistence farming.  Rig the food tunnel, plant the vegetables and get the groundwork completed.


The corporate social responsibility programs we offer can be tailored to suit your preferred cause.  Take part in some of our CSR Initiatives today or incorporate it into your corporate end of year function ideas.  There are many function venues in Cape Town or alternatively our venue, Kunguru Lodge, in Elgin Valley would be suitable for some of these projects.

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