Casino Royale

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The Casino Royale gives you the opportunity to be the king or queen of the gambling hall.   See if Lady Luck is on your side.   Enjoy the event at our lodge combining it with a theme evening.  Alternatively, we can set the scene at any other suitable venue of your choice.  You can become a paper billionaire by the end of the evening, whether by the spin of the roulette wheel, the throw of the dice or trying to outplay the dealer in Blackjack.   We produce customised “funny money” for your group, and the game is on.

Poker is another option, with full gaming tuition included.  Feel the thrill of live poker – tournament style.  Great for the businessmen and women amongst you, as there is a lot to be said for developing a “Poker face” when doing business.

Our croupiers are very experienced and professional.  Their wonderful sense of humor adds to the enjoyment of the evening.   We give you guidance as to the number of tables you should book for your event.  This also depends on the size of your venue, number of people attending, notwithstanding your budget.  Blackjack can accommodate more players than Poker or Roulette.

No persons under 18 years of age may be exposed to the Casino Royale gaming room area.

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