Bread Baking & Chocolate Creations

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Try out our Bread Baking & Chocolate Creations as your next team building activity.  Have you ever fancied yourselves as bakers or chocolatiers!  Well then, here is your chance to prove your expertise.

First you try your hand at different styles of bread making.   Our chef will lead you in this creative activity as you make a variety of different style breads, either baked or on the griddle.  While your bread rises to the occasion, you will be occupied by the amazing chocolate creations your team makes.

Some tips on Bread Making

The starting point for all bread is to make a dough by mixing together four basic ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt.  Water is the catalyst that activates starch enzymes in the flour.   These break down the starch to a variety of sugars including glucose and maltose which become the ‘food’ for the yeast.

Salt, apart from enhancing flavor, strengthens gluten.  However,  because it inhibits yeast activity, the artisan baker only adds it in the last five minutes of the mixing process, thus allowing the yeast a head start.

Some secrets of Chocolate

A real chocolate expert smells first, and tastes later: Break the piece of pure chocolate in two parts and rub the parts against each other. Smell the delicious scents that are released, and let the chocolate melt in the mouth immediately afterwards. Never chew a fine chocolate piece. Let it melt in your mouth instead, and enjoy!

Bread Baking & Chocolate Creations is a really enjoyable team building activity suitable for small to medium groups.

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