Blend and Bottle

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Our blend and bottle activity is a unique opportunity to blend your very own wine.  Firstly, you’ll have a brief introduction to the wine making process, by the resident winemaker.  We will supply different wine varieties, bottles and corks.  Next, you get active and blend your own wine.  After a few tries and much tasting, you present your best efforts to the winemaker.   Finally, the best blend will be judged.

Take the opportunity to blend and bottle then cork your wine.  Not only is it ready to be enjoyed with dinner that night, but also can be put in your cellar for that special occasion.

Blends are what their name suggests. They typically consist of at least 40-50 percent of one type of grape and a smaller mix of two or more other grapes.  It maximizes the expression of a wine.  Enhancing aromas, color, texture, body and finish, the process can make it a more well-rounded and complex wine.  For example, if a wine doesn’t have a strong scent.  A winemaker can add five percent of a more potent smelling grape and  experiment with different types of varietals.  This could include grapes coming from other vineyards. They could have been aged in oak barrels, fermented in various kinds of vessels or just harvested in different phases of ripeness.

This activity can be done at Kunguru Lodge in Elgin Valley, or at any other venue of your choice.

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