Bachelor Parties


    Bachelors’ UP Shot

    Package Deals

    The Excursion The Bachelors’ UP shot is so named, as bachelors are really keen on clay pigeon shooting as one of their favorite activities at stag parties!   Your group can have…

    from R1,195.00

      Bachelors’ Zip It Up

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      The Excursion Bachelors’ zip it up.  This is what happens when bachelors get together!   You start your day off by participating in one of the most dynamic adventure activities…

      from R1,500.00

        Bachelors’ Amazing Race

        Package Deals

        A Bachelors’ Amazing Race is very entertaining for the participants.   As best man, you are always challenged to set up the ultimate bachelor’s party for your best buddy.  This,…

        from R1,000.00