Selecting your conferencing venue can be a tricky affair.   There are many factors to be taken into consideration.  Most importantly, the venue should be selected to suit the type of conference or meeting.  Above all it should suit the group and have the right atmosphere.  For instance, if you are looking to bond the group together, then a venue without too many options for social get togethers should be chosen.  In that way the group will automatically come together during the conference breaks.  However, if you are looking to push an executive team out of their comfort zone, don't necessarily choose a five star venue as this is what they are used to.   Select a venue that will push them to the edge of that comfort level and in addition, monitor their reaction.

We assist you to find the most suitable venue for your company's conference or event.  No matter what your needs, whether quirky or not, we will supply options for the best fit.

We have our own venue, Kunguru Lodge based in Elgin Valley. Matched with our expert team building programs, our venue provides an ideal option for many.   On the other hand, we also arrange conferences at other establishments throughout the country.  Allow us to consult with you and offer the best tailored option for your company.

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Escape the city and conference in the countryside

    Half Day Conference Package


    A half day conference package is sometimes all your team needs to get motivated and up to speed!  We offer an affordable half day conferencing package at Kunguru Lodge to…

    from R370.00

      Day Conference Package


      A day conference package out in the countryside is so much better than being confined to the city!  If you want to simplify your organization of your day conference package,…

      from R450.00

        Overnight Conference Package


        The overnight conference package at Kunguru Lodge is our most popular.  Our venue is known to many as the best country getaway in Elgin Valley for many reasons.  To begin…

        from R1,530.00