Laughing Yoga

Yoga is the oldest system of personal development encompassing body, mind, and spirit. The origin of yoga goes back more than 5000 years. In the modern times, the value of yoga is being increasingly recognised for general health and its preventive and curative effects.

Through the practice of yoga we integrate all aspects of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and discover our connection to ourselves, to others, to the universe.

Laughter Yoga (Hasya Yoga) is a physically oriented technique that uses a blend of playful, empowering and otherwise “tension-releasing” simple laughter exercises. With gentle yoga-breathing and stretching exercises, rhythmic clapping and chanting of Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha in unison a simulated laughter turns into real laughter.

The Laughter Yoga method is the brainchild of Dr. Madan Kataria, a family physician from Mumbai, India who started the first laughter club in 1995.

A laughter yoga session takes about 1½ hours and is offered to groups of minimum 15 people. It is particularly suitable for teams that work under a lot of pressure and stress and need a quick release mechanism before they start their work session.