Green Mountain

The Green Mountain Eco Route is the world’s first biodiversity wine route. It offers scenic beauty, natural diversity of terroir and a wide range of wine styles.Just one hour from Cape Town, the route is ideally located for short getaways and easily accessible via the N2, past Cape Town International Airport. For those travelling further to the Garden Route and Route 62, the area incorporating Bot River, Elgin Valley and Villiersdorp, makes a great first stop in the Overberg. Biodiversity refers to the various systems and processes that allow life to persist over time. When biodiversity is intact, species and ecosystems are resilient and adaptive to environmental changes. But when biodiversity is lost, nature responds unpredictably and natural resources may be destroyed. A biodiversity wine route will expose visitors to both the wine and the biodiversity experience of each participating producer.

Tours of the natural vegetation will communicate the producer’s story and the role of biodiversity conservation in sustainable wine production.

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The Members Commitment

All route members belong to the Groenlandberg Conservancy. All wine growers and producers are Biodiversity Wine Initiative members or champions, or in the process of thereof. All route members are committed to profitable and ethical business principles and to the social upliftment of historically-disadvantaged communities by using local people and resources throughout the route.