Experiential Team Building

When developing world-class products or services it demands exceptional levels of cooperation and teamwork in the work environment. The effect of cooperating together is synergistic – productivity, innovative ideas, quality and employee satisfaction are all enhanced manyfold. To instill a spirit of cooperation and mutual support within an organization, many companies are participating in team building programs, the results of which are evident in higher productivity and a more enjoyable work environment.

To create a team does not just happen by waving a magic wand. The extent to which a team becomes a team depends on each member of that team and the communication and leadership skills of each. We offer a range of physical and initiative based games that are designed to address specific outcomes. Progress may be observed in areas of:

  • • Problem solving using a cooperative approach
  • • Team planning and time management
  • • Effective communication and feedback
  • • Individual and collective commitment
  • • Handling and resolving conflict
  • • Participative decision making
  • • Mutual trust and confidence
  • • Understanding and valuing differences
  • • Cooperative use of resources
  • • Team spirit and mutual support

Our team building games incorporate action learning using two components – action and reflection. The format is interactive and highly participatory and so suited to a variety of learning styles. The programs consist of specially structured initiatives and are mostly followed by group discussion. As the team goes through each activity, the participants get a better understanding of how to inspire and access the human resources in their group.

The format for our action learning programs are fairly standard, but the details of the specific design varies considerably depending on the objectives of the course. As learning is a process, our program details always remain flexible to reflect the needs of the team at any particular moment.

The general outline of our action learning and initiative based programs are usually as follows:

  • Introduction: Warm ups and ice-breakers
  • Participation: Team members are requested to participate based on equality
  • Problem Solving and Trust Building: Based on initial needs assessment, activities are carefully selected and sequenced.
  • Reflection: A group discussion on the activities assisting the team with valuable information, insights and feedback to be used in building leadership skills, trust, confidence and teamwork.
  • Closure: Reflection on how to use what was learnt in the workplace

We have a full range of games and activities that are suitable for both outdoors and indoors, and perfect for those winter conferences and team building sessions.

This is a range of non-physical games that are designed for improvement of communication, teamwork and lateral thought. The type of games offered for each event will vary dependent upon the outcome required by the group.