Community Corner

We have many very worthwhile community and social responsible projects for you to be involved in.

TAG Rugby

Adopt a school for the TAG Rugby program – your support will enable them to get coaching for a year, focussing on keeping the children off the street, improving their hand-eye co-ordination and working together as a team.  Enjoy a game of non-contact tag with the local schoolchildren; we can even organise your year end fuction as a tag tournament with the school you adopt.

Container Conversion

This worthwhile project is a great program for large groups to tackle, either over a period of time, or as the completion for the ground work that we, as your events company, has already done on the container/s.

Food Tunnels

Assist an orphanage, a school or a local community by sponsoring one or more food tunnels enabling them to do subsistence farming.  Get involved in rigging the food tunnel, planting the vegetables and getting the groundwork completed.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We use recycled drums, to create a recycling program for local schools, orphanages.   Paint and decorate these, together with creating some art posters to educate the youth about the three R’s.

Soup Kitchen

See the pleasure of the really needy when your team creates a really wholesome soup and freshly baked bread to satisfy their hunger.

Tree Planting

Offset your carbon footprint by donating and getting involved in a tree planting program in areas that require it most.

Tailored programs to suit your preferred cause