Cape Minstrel Carnival

The group themselves will become the players. The scene will be set with a “flea market scenario”, the stalls filled with colourful clothing items, materials, hats, music instruments, art items for decorating hats and other miscellaneous items to fully authenticate the scene.

The main group is divided into smaller groups or bands.  Each group will have their “pay day”, be given their “wages” and off they go to the flea market to make their purchases.

They have to come away with sufficient merchandise to be able to clothe and accessorize their team, personalize and decorate their hats, face paint make-up to fit the part and enough music instruments to create a performance for their group.

Once purchases are complete the groups set about creating costumes and make up in true minstrel style. Our music facilitators will take each group and give them some tuition on how the “minstrels” turn on that amazing sound when marching through the streets of Cape Town, and then the show is on.

The Carnival march

Individual group performance will precede the main march, as the groups walk along playing their instruments and creating a glorious spectacle in an activity that they will not easily forget.

It’s authentic, it is TRUE Western Cape, it’s dynamic and it’s fun.  A real winner.

Optional add on:

The ultimate performance can be staged in an X-factor show with judges, decor, music and all the fanfare, to decide the group that walks away with the honors of being the most authentic.